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      There is an 18.2 mile stretch of our Green River that has a hidden gem only accessible by boat. Actually, it has 300 of them they say.

      Photo by Casey Jones

      300 Springs is a series of waterfalls into the Green that can only be seen by boat. That’s right, you can’t hike or bike to it. To get to this secluded place, a boat is your way in.

      Cue the Indiana Jones film score.

      Photo by Dayton Carby

      Big Buffalo Crossing Canoe and Kayak provides floats and shuttles from the mouth of Lynn Camp Creek.  PLEASE NOTE: this launch site is private access so even if you don’t need a rental, please call the livery about access. 

      Once on the Green, you have several options. You can take out 24 miles later at Munfordville. This could be an overnight trip, estimated at 12 hours on the River. As with any time on the Green, you can float lazily or paddle hustle. The choice is up you. 

      Photo by David Barry

      You could also launch at Lynn Camp Creek and then take out at Rio Ramp, which is about a six hour day trip.

      Photo by Dayton Carby