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      Civil War Days is happening soon in Munfordville and we are getting excited about this annual event steeped in our town’s history. We hope you’ll join us on September 11-13 and here’s some reasons why you should.

      In September of 1862 Union and Confederate soldiers met and the Battle for our Bridge happened. It ended a little something like this:

      “I might want to surrender, do you care if I just come over to your camp & look around a little before I decide?”

      That’s not exactly how things went down between Generals Braxton & Buckner, but that is the gist of how things wrapped up in the Battle for the Bridge at Munfordville. So who won? We’re thinking you should come to CWDays to find out!

      Here’s what happened in 2019’s Civil War Days schedule, we will be updating you on 2020’s schedule of events as plans are set.  Please bookmark this page and return to stay up to date.

      Friday, September 13th:

      ​8:30 am to 2:30 pm – School Living History Day

      ​5 to 7:00 pm – ​​Live music​​​​​

      6 to 8:00 pm – ​BBQ Dinner at Masonic Lodge #88, Fee.

      6 to 8:00 pm – ​Practice dance and lessons under tent

      8 to 10:00 pm – ​Lantern walking tours starting at the Woodson House

      Photo by Munfordville Tourism

      Saturday, September 14th:

      6 to 10:00 am – ​ALL YOU CAN EAT pancake breakfast, Munfordville School – Presented by the Lions Club

      ​8:00 am to 4:00 pm – ​​Historical Museum and Welcome Center open, vendor booths

      ​9:00 am – Flag raising ceremony at courthouse lawn

      ​9:00 am to 4:00 pm – ​​Woodson house open

      9:00 am to 5:00 pm – ​Guided walking tours

      ​10:00 am – ​​​Parade

      ​10:00 am to 4:30 pm – ​​Carriage rides, Fee.

      ​11:00 am – ​​​Hart Co. school band performance at courthouse

      ​Noon to 6:00 pm – ​​Live music

      1 to 2:00 pm – ​Shuttles from Munfordville to battlefield

      ​2:00 pm – ​​​Battle of Munfordville reenactment

      4 pm – Clay Underwood concert on the courthouse lawn, free

      5 to 7:00 pm – ​Ham dinner at Masonic Lodge #88, Fee

      7 to 10:00 pm – ​Blue/Grey Ball

      8 to 10:00 pm – ​Lantern walking tours starting at Woodson House.


      Sunday, September 15th:

      ​10:00 am – ​​​Community period church & memorial service

      1:30 pm – ​Battle Reenactment at Battle Preserve.

      ​3:00 pm – ​​​Closing ceremony at flagpole at Woodson house


      As you can see from the diverse schedule there’s several reasons to come each year.  Great music, re-enactments, living history camps, a parade and dancing – just to name a few.

      Can’t come? Okay, well we don’t want to leave you hanging.

      Here’s the link to some good solid Battle for Munfordville info: