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      We have never needed outdoor activities more than now, and the Green River is becoming a favorite escape for many.  Our most popular local trip on the Green is Johnson Springs (Harry Wilson Park) to Munfordville. The journey is 4 river miles and depending on the water level and how hard you paddle, it can take a few hours or the entire day.  Along the way you’ll find the Wilkerson blue hole as well as a sand bar. They are both great places to disembark and rest for awhile. This option is described on Kentucky’s Department of Fish & Wildlife’s website, here. 

      This float makes a good starting place for many new to paddling or just new to the Green. As the Ky Dept of Fish & Wildlife states,  we are “well known for the scenic views, numerous springs/caves and abundance of wildlife making this section of the river a popular retreat for anglers and boaters.”

      Please spend some time learning about water safety and wear a personal floatation device.  Water safety resources are plentiful here. And there’s even a nifty free course to take before you head out here.

      If you try these four miles and decide you are ready for a longer distance paddle, there are two more options here:

      Paddle into Mammoth Cave National Park from Munfordville

      300 Spring Waterfall (accessible only by boat)

      Our local livery information can be found here: bigbuffalocrossingcanoe.com


      Photo by Ashley Decker, Lauren Blair, Sarah Bricker and Amy Thomas.